Comparison of the Online Employment Center to Competing Systems

Comparison of the Employment Center to Job Boards such as:

Hot Jobs
Career Builder
Brass Ring

Many job boards now offer some form of prescreening questions to help qualify jobseekers. However none offer the ability to completely tailor these questions to differentiate an applicant from a jobseeker per the OFCCP’s new guidelines. Further, the job boards do not allow the use of the employer’s own employment application or the ability to include assessments and other forms as required by the employer to have one, complete applicant data collection system. Nor do the job boards store the data on all jobseekers for immediate retrieval as needed. Any data received from job board postings must still be integrated into some form of applicant tracking and analysis system for retrieval to compile EEO-1, Vets-100 and other required reports. The Employment Center eliminates this additional step by providing a one-stop applicant attraction, screening, data collection, analysis, storage and reporting system.

Another critical component the job boards lack is the ability to electronically monitor each step of the selection process for possible adverse impact as the Employment Center does. This function is paramount for employers that must comply with EEOC or OFCCP regulations, and most employers do.

Comparison of the Employment Center to Applicant Tracking Systems such as:

ICIMS iRecruiter

Applicant Tracking systems offer the ability to collect applicant data electronically and some provide prescreening capabilities as well, though they generally consist of resume screening. Their primary function is to manage the steps of the selection process such as interview scheduling etc and store data. However, they typically lack the comprehensive data analysis capabilities required for EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

The Online Employment Center provides many of the features of most applicant tracking systems while also providing superior jobseeker/applicant differentiation and the ability to analyze each step of the selection process for possible adverse impact.

Comparison of the Employment Center to Job Matching Systems such as:

Job matching systems specialize in mining resume resources for potential “matches” to job openings employers have posted. They generally lack the specificity that systems offering customized prescreening capabilities provide. Employers utilizing these services typically must still incorporate the data on applicants into some other system for data management and analysis. Much like job boards, job matching services can only serve as the first step in the selection process whereas the Online Employment Center can handled all of the steps from applicant attraction to EEOC reporting.

Comparison of the Employment Center to Large Scale Screening Systems such as:


These large-scale systems offer many of the benefits of the Online Employment Center, albeit at a substantial cost. Some require six figure initial investments while others require several thousand dollars per installation. The Online Employment Center can provide the same features for an initial investment that is significantly less.

Comparison of the Employment Center to Enterprise HR Solutions such as:

People Soft
Siebel Systems

These large, internal Human Resource systems normally sell with installation at $1 million or more with a basic focus on keeping employee records, benefits, training and payroll information. They’re great and much needed systems for large companies to use to house employee and applicant data, but they weren’t designed for applicant attraction and screening. Consequently, they don’t do what Candidate Resources does, but they are ready to house the data from the Employment Center, whether applicant or “new hire” data. Consequently, they are quite compatible and totally non-competitive to the Employment Center enhancement to a company’s web site or a free standing Employment Center web site for a company.

The Bottom Line

  • Candidate Resources’ Employment Center is non-competitive to web job boards and vice-versa, but the two link together well.
  • Candidate Resources’ applicant and employer data management and storage facility capabilities greatly reduce HR labor costs and time, but also can work “hand in glove” by exporting the data a large company wants to keep into their computer based system (like People Soft, etc.).
  • Candidate Resources has more successful installations than any other company in this space and is cheaper and faster in bringing up its next Employment Center than its competition.