Tuesday, February 19, 2019 
New Hire Tax Credits

You may be losing tens of thousands of dollars in potential tax credits for new employees that you hire. Federal, state and local governments encourage employers to hire individuals from certain demographic groups by providing tax credits to employers that hire these individuals. Surprisingly, most of these credits go unclaimed due to the complexity of complying with and applying for the credits.

Personnel Profiles, Inc. can help you recover credits ranging in value from $1,500.00 to $8,500.00 per eligible employee, depending on the type of credit. There are hundreds of other incentives and credits available at the state and local levels including state enterprise zones, jobs and training incentives, and capital investment credits.

Taking advantage of available tax credits is easy. The Personnel Profiles tax credit processing system utilizes automated pre-screening so you will know which applicants are likely to generate a credit for you. Once you have hired the applicant, the Personnel Profiles system applies for and tracks the credit until you receive it. The fee for the service is a nominal percentage of credits recovered, so it costs you nothing until you actually receive a credit.

To learn more about tax credits available and the recovery process, click on the Tax Credit Info menu item.

To begin applying for available tax credits, click on the Enroll menu item for instructions and documents required to begin the processing.

Once you have enrolled, you may qualify applicants to determine their eligibility for tax credits. Click on Qualifying Applicants to learn how.